Akko PC75B Black&Silver

Akko PC75B Black&Silver

The Akko PC75B Plus Black & Silver is one of the most impressive keyboard hardware we’ve come across. It’s certainly not lacking when it comes to style, and yet it’s very functional when completing everyday tasks.

Does the AKKO PC75B Plus Black & Silver deserve to be in the most popular 75% custom keyboards? Let’s find out in the PCB75B Plus Black&Silver review.

The Looks

The PC75B Plus sports a nice spread of black and gray colors across a traditional keyboard layout. There are plenty of novelty keycaps included, so you can choose whatever look you like the most.

Leveled top mount structure, coupled with even spacing and design aesthetics make it a marvel to behold. We love the premium feel and how it’s relatively light and portable. You can use it as an everyday driver and connect to your smartphone or tablet, then switch to your laptop or desktop when you get home or to the office.

The PC75B Plus has RGB backlighting with up to 20 effects and the ability to change brightness and animation speed. Everything is handled through the FN key and the corresponding letter key, or by using Akko’s Cloud Driver software.

The Function

The PC75B is a full-fledged mechanical keyboard with reprogrammable keys, N-key rollover support and PBT material keycaps. You can pick your switch depending on your preference, and there’s the Ako CS Silver, Jelly Pink, Jelly White and Jelly Purple.

Inside the hardware are impressive and premium components such a the brand's Poron PCB foam and silicon switch film, coupled by a super-thin PCB and TTC hot-swap sockets. With this level of detail it stands as an excellent customizable 75% mechanical keyboard with rotary knob in our books.

In terms of connectivity you get three options – wired via USB-C, through Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless 2.4GHz via the included USB receiver. For Bluetooth you can easily switch to three different devices with the use of the FN key. As intended, the keyboard works very well on both Mac and Windows platforms, and comes as a very serviceable companion for smartphones and tablets.


Those who’ve used a mechanical keyboard will feel right at home with the PC75B. The outer shell isn't too showy but it's classic and elegant. Fire up the RGB though and it becomes an accessory worthy of a gamer setup.

We like the inclusion of a knob for handling tasks such as changing the volume setting and brightness. As for the wireless aspect, the Black&Silver houses a 3,000mAh battery that should last you a week or two with all the bells and whistles activated, e.G, backlighting and using Bluetooth.

Extra Features

Download the Akko Cloud and you’ll be able to have an audio visualizer. Macro is done via the Akko Macro directly on board, or inside the software. You can switch off the Winlock and N-key rollovers. There are also multimedia keys and lighting customization once you install the driver and activate wired mode via USB-C.

The PC75B Black&Silver is a complete mechanical keyboard that’s more than up to the task on hand. Whether you’re playing a competitive video game, working on content or doing some typing work or photo editing, AKKO’s keyboard will serve you well.

About AKKO

AKKO is a premium brand that specializes in producing high quality custom mechanical keyboards. Over the years the company has collaborated with recognizable IPs such as Hello Kitty, Dragon Ball Z and Doraemon to produce one-of-a-kind mechanical keyboard creations.


WEIGHT: Approximately 0.88KG

SWITCH: Akko CS Jelly Pink/Akko CS Jelly Purple/Akko CS Silver(Lubed)

INTERFACE: Wireless/Bluetooth/USB Type C


PRINTING: Double Shot

DIMENSIONS: 335*146*42mm

Consumers can get a wide range of keyboard layouts, including 108, 98 and even 60 boards and choose various configurations such as profile, switch and color schemes in dye-sublimated and PBT-based caps.

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