Collection: FAQs


1. Do the keyboards or keycap sets sold come with a key puller?

All keyboards sold on our website come with a keycap puller. However, we cannot guarantee what type of keycap puller you will receive as it may vary from batch to batch. The neon keycap set has a key puller.

The R2 complete keycap set may not have one depending on the batch.

Note: Only the Akko R2 Fantasy Keycap Set comes with the designated cat paw key puller.

2. How can I tell if the keyboard is Bluetooth, wired or wireless?

You can check this on our website in the product listing. It is displayed on the corresponding product detail page under the “Specifications” tab. The Akko 3084-One Piece Chopper, for example, is a wired keyboard. It uses a USB-C interface.

3. Difference between Nordic and Beken solution for Akko multi-mode keyboards.




RGB backlight


Slightly muted

Power consumption



Battery life (2 hours/day)

7-10 days

15-20 days

2.4 GHz receiver



Connection modes

Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4GHz, USB Type-C

Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4GHz, USB Type-C


Akko driver (ESC/left Win/right Alt/Fn cannot be programmed)

Akko driver (ESC/left Win/right Alt/Fn cannot be programmed); Users can also program keys via Akko Makro v1 without using the driver

4.Which LED lamps should I choose if I want to equip my Akko mechanical keyboards with LEDs?

On some of our models, the LEDs are not installed by default. For these keyboards it is possible to install LEDs to take advantage of the backlight.

We recommend using the following two types of LED lamps (diodes):

  1. 3 mm round LED lamps
  2. 2 x 3 x 4mm square head LED diodes.

Acceptable specifications:

Voltage: 1.8-3.6V;

Current: less than 500mA.

Note that you can only choose single color LED diodes. If you choose RGB LED diodes, it will only emit red colors.


Akko keycap profile comparison.
The table below is intended to compare various keycaps including OEM, Cherry, JDA, OSA and ASA.
The unit is in mm:


What shipping methods are available?

We currently offer standard shipping on all products. If you want to receive your order faster, please choose the expedited shipping method.

How long will delivery take?

Our goal is to offer you the best shipping options no matter where you live. We deliver to hundreds of customers across the EU every day and strive to provide you with the highest level of service.

The time frame for delivery of an order is divided into two parts: processing time and shipping time.Processing time usually takes up to 48 hours.Shipping time varies depending on the different shipping methods for each product category. Shipping time depends on the shipping method you choose.

*For most countries, shipping via 4PX Express takes 10-18 business days in most cases;
*Some deliveries are experiencing delays due to the ongoing COVID-19 challenges and its impact on our global supply chain.


10-18 business days

France 10-18 business days
Italy 10-15 business days
Spain 10-18 working days
USA 8-12 business days
Australia 8-12 business days
UK 10-18 business days

The costs for the individual shipping methods can be found in the final types offered at checkout.

If you have any questions about delivering orders to a specific region, please contact!

What type of packaging material do you use?

    We strive to use environmentally friendly packaging solutions whenever possible. We use air-filled pillow bags that fit efficiently into shipping boxes and reduce the amount of packing materials needed for each order. We also use 100% biodegradable starch pellets as packaging material. These static-free pellets look like old-fashioned plastic packing peanuts, but are designed to decompose quickly in landfills and are free of petroleum, CFCs and HCFCs.

    I haven't received an order confirmation, what should I do?

    Please check your spam folder first!

    After placing your order, you should automatically receive an order confirmation email (in most cases). However, if you have not received an order confirmation, this does not mean that the order did not go through - it is registered in our system and will be processed without any problems.

    The most likely explanation is that others ordering at the same time caused a small communication problem for the SMTP server. To receive your order confirmation again, please contact

    You can also use your account to check order status in account information.

    Which countries/regions do we deliver to?

    We deliver to most countries. If the country you want is not listed at checkout, please contact We will do our best to find a reliable solution for delivery to your country/region.