Akko x MonsGeek 16-Key Switch Tester

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Regular price $9.00
Regular price Sale price $9.00

Akko x MonsGeek acrylic 16-key switch tester with dust-proof cover.

We selected a wide range of different switches from 3 different brands for users to test at a minimal cost.

Be aware! Some switches may come in different versions in different batches.

Domestic Version has no cover and the switches are random.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Selection is poor, Akko needs to improve this

The tester is very cute and all, but, the selection is rather poor. I would have expected a Lavender Purple Pro (which is the reason I bought this in first place) or a Penguin, or something more interesting.

In fact, from the two images with sample switches... you are missing most of them. Also, too many linear switches that feel alike.

- No point in adding a Gateron blue like.
- No point in adding Cherry MX browns at this point. Even less, two red mx switches; at the very least I was able to try the silent one which I wanted to try, but no need to include the most typical ones.
- Some of the tactile feel like a membrane bump, others just like your average red mx. Or are very old switches which are not showing anything remarkable. There ware other better choices to include.
- There is a magnetic/hall effect switch which serves no purpose really, you cannot even try it in a regular board and it is from Kailh.
- The board is quite hard to open (I purchased the cover).

I can only rate the board with 1 star given it's price at 16,43€ with shipping, but do not let it discourage you, it is a nice toy. Akko just needs to fit value switches and more variety with tactile and clicky.

Gut für einen Überblick

Es waren auch 3 Gateron, 1 Content und 1 TTC Switch dabei.
Wahrscheinlich weil viele Akko Switches gerade eh nicht lieferbar sind.
Zum testen aber genau richtig.

Leider waren die 4 Pins des Deckels abgebrochen.

Functional but Cracked

Picked up the Switch Tester and it's solid for trying out switches. Bit bummed though, came with a crack in the box.

Good for testing!

Really nice for Beginners, helped me to decide which switches work the best for me


Akko x MonsGeek 16-Key Switch Tester