World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B
World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B
World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B
World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B
World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B
World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B
World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B
World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B
World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B
World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B
World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B
World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B


World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B

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switches:Akko CS Lavender Purple
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World Tour Tokyo R2 3098B RGB LED Backlit + Hot-swappable + Bluetooth 5.0 + 24G Wireless + Wired (USB-C Mode) All in One!

Beken Plus Multimode Chip with BT5.0/24Ghz/Type-C All in One;

5-pin hot-swappable;

Comes with Both Plate Foam and Case Foam;

RGB backlit;

3000mAh battery (FCC standard);

Programmable with Dye-Sub PBT OEM Profile KeycapsSpecification

- Profiles: OEM

- Layout: 98-keys Classic 1800 Compact Keyboard

- Keycaps Material: PBT Dye-Sublimation

- 3-pin Akko Hot Swap Switch

- 5-Pin Hot-swappable Socket (North Facing PCB) with RGB Backlit

- Separate Type C Charging Port

- Connect Type: Wired / 2.4G Wireless / Bluetooth 5.0

- Three Adjustable Stander

- Extra Keys ProvidedFeatures

  • Efficient cable routing

- The keyboard comes with a Type-C interface that fits right in, and features 3-way cable routing for better cable management.

  • Adjustable heights

- Two-tier keyboard stands with 3 different heights, 5 °, 7.5° and 11°, respectively.

  • Multi mods

- Support USB (wired), 2.4G (RF) and Bluetooth 5.0 at the same time (support Bluetooth 5.1/50 / 40 / 30).

  • RGB backlight

- RGB backlight programmable (per-key RGB) and supports music visualizer (music visualizer can only be programmed by PC controller).





Mechanical Keyboard





Product Details


TTC Gold Pink/TTC Speed ​​Silver/TTC ACE RGB Switch/TTC Gold Red/TTC Gold Blue


Wireless/Bluetooth/USB Type-C


Akko Macro V1.0

N-Key Rollover


Disable Winlock



RGB Backlit

Hot swappable



PBT Material

Printing Technology

dye sublimation

Battery Information

Dimensions and Weight


3000mAh Battery

Product weight

Approximately 1.10KG

Package weight

Approximately 1.63KG

Package size (L x W x H)

43.1 x 216x65cm / 1697x850 x 256 inches

Package Contents

Package Contents

1 x keyboard, 1 x keycap puller, extra novelty keys, 1 x Type-C cable, 1 x plastic dust cover, 1 x user manual

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Returns Policy


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Please click: /pages/warranty

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