Shipping Notice Updated

VAT rates 


The estimated times stated below are not 100% guaranteed. An international package could experience delays like postal strikes or severe weather or Cov-19 situation.

*For most countries, we will ship by 4PX Express within 10-15 business days in most cases;

Country Courier Service Estimated Time
Germany   8-12 business days
Netherlands   7-10 business days
Italy   8-12 business days
France   7-10 business days
Austria   8-12 business days
Spain   8-12 business days
UK   8-12 business days
Portugal   8-12 business days
Poland   8-12 business days
Belgium   7-10 business days
Denmark   8-12 business days
Luxembourg   7-10 business days
United Arab Emirates   8-12 business days
Finland   7-16 business days

Duty are prepaid to carrier by Akko before shipping, so you dont need to pay any tax or duty when you get it.

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