Black & Gold 3068B Plus ISO
Black & Gold 3068B Plus ISO
Black & Gold 3068B Plus ISO
Black & Gold 3068B Plus ISO
Black & Gold 3068B Plus ISO
Black & Gold 3068B Plus ISO
Black & Gold 3068B Plus ISO


Black & Gold 3068B Plus ISO

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switches:Akko CS Jelly Purple
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The long-awaited Akko 3068B Plus in ISO is finally here. Enjoy the ISO DE(qwertz) /Nordic /UK layout with RGB per key, reprogrammable keys, software support and three ways to connect the keyboard to your device - wired via USB, wireless via a USB receiver or Bluetooth.

Akko 3068B Plus Specification (Multi-Host)

  • USB mode : Switch to this mode with Fn+U (The Akko Cloud Driver can only be used in this mode)

  • Bluetooth Mode : Compatible with BT5.0 and can be connected to up to 3 devices, which can be switched by Fn+E/R/T

  • 2.4GHz mode : Switch to this mode with Fn+Y while the receiver is plugged in.

  • Hotswappable switches: The switches can be pulled out with the supplied switches puller and replaced with the desired switches

  • Programmable: Macros can only be programmed in wired mode via Akko Cloud Driver. But can be accessed in any mode without the software

    Keycaps: Cherry Profile - Double Shot PBT Keycaps


[HOTSWAP ABLE] - This keyboard features 5-pin hot-swappable sockets that allow users to swap out desired switches. Hotwasp-enabled keyboards allow for the replacement of compatible switches in the event of a key malfunction or if a different sound profile is to be achieved.
[CHERRY PROFILE KEYCAPS] - This keyboard is made of double-shot PBT plastic, which is very durable even with regular use and will keep its elegant shine for years to come.
Comparison of Akko Double Shot PBT keycaps with other ABS keycaps.

Thecustom Akko New Custom Series (CS) switches were designed based on user feedback with different features to provide a more satisfying typing experience.

Compared to the classic CS-switches , the new CS-switches are equipped with a dust-proof shaft, which provides more stability and offers a unique typing experience.

[MULTI DEVICE] - The Akko 3068B Plus can connect up to 3 devices by Fn+E/R/T with tablets, computers and mobile phones. Alternatively, 2.4GHz can also be used for low-latency typing or gaming.

[HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE] - The keyboard comes with a rubberized, reclining stand, which can be adjusted in 3 levels (5°, 7.5° and 11°) to customize your typing.

[PROGRAMMABLE & RGB BACKLIT] - All keys except function keys (ex.B the wireless connection buttons, E/R/T ) can be rebound or made into a macro using the Akko Cloud Driver.

The keyboard has built-in RGB LEDs that can be customized with the Akko Cloud Driver and offer more than 20 lighting effects, including pulsing lights to match your music.

[65% FORM FACTOR] - The keyboard is in 65% form factor, which is particularly suitable for users who want a compact, minimal and clean desktop.

Why should I buy this item:

BLACK & GOLD THEME- Black and gold bring elegance and luxury to the table. The elegant theme transforms your workspace or gaming facility into a modest and tranquil space.

ANTI-GHOSTING- The keyboard supports simultaneous key presses without conflicts by implementing the N-key rollover function. This is very important for gamers when there are a lot of actions and button presses happening.

ISO Layout - Akko Black & Gold 3068B ISO with DE/UK/NE Layout - For the Nordic version, extra keycaps for the Sweden/Denmark/Norway layout are also included.

Extra keycaps: DE/21, UK/62, NE/27


- Black & Gold 3068B Plus-ISO-DE/Nordic/UK Layout with Jelly Pink/Purple Switches
- Blue on White 3068B Plus - ISO-DE/Nordic/UK Layout with Jelly Pink/Purple Switch

What's in the box?

  • AKKO 3068B hot-swappable keyboard
  • Pair of decorative keycaps
  • 2.4Ghz radio receiver
  • Keycap Puller
  • Switch puller
  • USB-C cable
  • User's Guide


- If you have any further questions, we are at your disposal. As Akko German Official Store, the service for pre-sales and after-sales is better.

- Please do not mark the order as complete until you have received the goods without any problems - disassembling the keyboard will immediately void the warranty.

- Actual color may vary slightly from images due to different devices/display settings.

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