Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC

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Switch: Akko V3 Piano Pro
Connectivity: Wireless Tri-mode
Keyboard type: Mechanical
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Regular price €142,79
Regular price €142,68 Sale price €142,79

Video Display

Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC

HE & RT & DKS + RGB LED backlight + Hot-swappable + Wired (USB-C Mode) All in One!


  • Rapid Trigger

  • Dynamic Keystrokes

  • On-board memory

  • Megnatic Switch

  • USB Type-C

  • Gasket mount

  • Custom knob

  • Hot swappable

  • RGB backlit

  • MAC & Windows

Rapid Trigger (RT)

Rapid Trigger dynamically changes the actuation and deactivation points of the buttons. Through the MonsGeek driver, users can select All Key or Per Key modes, as well as enable Nonstop Rapid Trigger for near-instant key response. This gives FPS gamers a competitive advantage with fast-paced gameplay.

For example, if players activate RT, they can achieve "counter penalty" in VALORANT games.

Dynamic Keystrokes (DKS)

Pressing a key can trigger four different key functions.

Depending on the strength of the key press: a light press triggers action 1, a deeper press activates action 2, and releasing the key also supports a two-stage key setting.

On-board memory

Built-in memory allows you to save your favorite settings without leaving the software or drivers on, ensuring easy access to your personal configurations.

  • Akko Cream Yellow Magnetic Switch

    Type: Linear
    Operating Force: 50gf±10gf
    Total Travel: 4.0±0.3mm
    Pre-Travel: 1.7±0.4mm

  • Kailh Sakura Pink Magnetic Switch

    Type: Linear
    Operating Force: 50gf±10gf
    Total Travel: 4.0±0.3mm
    Pre-Travel: 1.7±0.4mm

  • Ice Cream Purple Mechanical Switch

    Type: Linear
    Operating Force: 50gf±10gf
    Total Travel: 4.0±0.3mm
    Pre-Travel: 1.7±0.4mm

  • Ice cream pink

    Type: Linear
    Operating Force: 40gf±10gf
    Total Travel: 4.0±0.3mm
    Pre-Travel: 1.7±0.4mm

Compatible with 3-pin mechanical switches

The Akko keyboard with magnetic switches is hot-swappable and compatible with all 3-pin mechanical switches, giving the user the flexibility to install different types of switches according to their personal preferences.

Note: Every time the mechanical or magnetic switches are changed, a recalibration in the software is required.

  • Detachable USB

    Convenient to store and take with you.

  • N-key rollover

    NKRO allows keys to be used simultaneously.

  • Solid case

    Molded thick case to avoid resonance.

  • Adjustable heights

    The keyboard comes with a 3-level tilt stand.

Gasket mount

The Akko gasketed keyboard is a type of mechanical keyboard that uses a gasket material such as silicone or neoprene to create a "floating" attachment for the switches. The seal is located between the board and the circuit board, allowing for more flexible and cushioned typing.

This design allows for more flexibility and cushioning, which can result in a softer typing experience.

Note: Keycaps pictured are for reference only.

Information about the product

Akko 7th Anniversary MOD 007 PC


Gasket mount


USB Type-C


South facing RGB

Quick trigger (rt):


Dynamic keystrokes (dks):


Hot swap:

Magnetic Switch: 3-pin / Machanical Switch: 3-pin & 5-pin


Magnetic Switch: Normal PCB / Machanical Switch: Per-Key Flex-Cut PCB

N-key rollover:


Battery capacity:


Query rate:



Akko Cloud Driver


Akko Cream Yellow Megnatic Switch


PBT keycaps + PC frame

Legends print:

Dye sublimation

Keycap profile:


Compatible system:

Mac & Windows & Linux




About 1kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Absolutely love this keyboard. The keycaps are matt what's really cool (did not realize that from the pictures) also the keycaps got some structure, I really like the feeling. The typing sound for me is a dream (I got the purple switches) And of course the design is gorgeous. When the keyboard arrived the first 20 min I was just looking at it :) I'm very happy with my new keyboard!


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