Monet’s Pond 3108v2

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Switch: Akko CS Wine White
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Normaler Preis $100.00
Normaler Preis Verkaufspreis $100.00

Monet’s pond is a beautiful attraction spot in Japan.

It looks like Monet’s water lily paintings come to life. This keyboard is designed to demonstrate the tranquillity of landscaping and the sharp contrast between water lilies and koi in the ponds.

The keycaps are made of PBT material and printed with Japanese hiragana through the dye-sub process.

TTC Gold Blue Switch has a crisp sound, bottoming out noise reduction, and eliminates reverberation. It is a mechanical switch with light pressure, refreshing and crisp sound.

Model: Monet’s Pond 3108v2


- OEM Profile Dye-Sub Keycaps

- No backlit/Support Led Mod by users with preserved LED slots

- Macro of Akko 3108 can be programmed with Akko Wired Manager


  • Programmable

- All keys of the keyboard can be re-mapped to enable action sequences except the ones used for controlling the Macro mode (Esc/Win). The keyboard doesn’t come with LED but has built-in LED slots for mod with subsequent customizable light animation.

  • Anti-ghosting Keys

- With N-key rollover (NKRO) feature, the keyboard supports simultaneous key presses without conflicts, which is particularly important in optimizing gaming experiences.

  • Efficient cable routing

- The keyboard comes with a pink Type-C interface that fits right in, and features 3-way cable routing for better cable management.

  • 2 Adjustable heights

- Two-tier keyboard stands with 3 different heights, 5 °, 7.5 ° and 11 °, respectively.The keyboard comes with a tilted stand with two levels of adjustable heights to personalize your typing experiences.





Mechanical Keyboard


3108 V2



Product Details


TTC Gold Blue


USB Type C


Akko Macro V1.0

N-Key Rollover


Disable Winlock



No backlit/Support Led Mod by users with preserved LED slots




PBT Material

Printing Technology


Battery Information

Dimensions and Weight



Product weight

Approximately 1.20 KG

Package weight

Approximately 1.60 KG

Package size (L x W x H)

49.2 x 23.3 x 6.5 cm / 19.37 x 9.17 x 2.56 inches

Package Contents

Package Contents

1 x Keyboard,1 x Keycap Puller, Extra Novelty Keys, 1 x Type-C Cable,1 x Plastic Dust Cover, 1 x User Manual


- The actual color may be slightly different from the pictures due to the different settings of devices.

- Dissembling the keyboard will immediately void the warranty.

- Please do not mark the order completed until you receive goods without any issue

- Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions. As Akko Official Store, Service for pre-sales and after-sales will be better.