Akko x MonsGeek 16-Key Switch Tester

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Normaler Preis €9,52
Normaler Preis Verkaufspreis €9,52

Akko x MonsGeek acrylic 16-key switch tester with dust-proof cover.

We selected a wide range of different switches from 3 different brands for users to test at a minimal cost.

Be aware! Some switches may come in different versions in different batches. 

Domestic Version has no cover and the switches are random.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Selection is poor, Akko needs to improve this

The tester is very cute and all, but, the selection is rather poor. I would have expected a Lavender Purple Pro (which is the reason I bought this in first place) or a Penguin, or something more interesting.

In fact, from the two images with sample switches... you are missing most of them. Also, too many linear switches that feel alike.

- No point in adding a Gateron blue like.
- No point in adding Cherry MX browns at this point. Even less, two red mx switches; at the very least I was able to try the silent one which I wanted to try, but no need to include the most typical ones.
- Some of the tactile feel like a membrane bump, others just like your average red mx. Or are very old switches which are not showing anything remarkable. There ware other better choices to include.
- There is a magnetic/hall effect switch which serves no purpose really, you cannot even try it in a regular board and it is from Kailh.
- The board is quite hard to open (I purchased the cover).

I can only rate the board with 1 star given it's price at 16,43€ with shipping, but do not let it discourage you, it is a nice toy. Akko just needs to fit value switches and more variety with tactile and clicky.

Functional but Cracked

Picked up the Switch Tester and it's solid for trying out switches. Bit bummed though, came with a crack in the box.

Good for testing!

Really nice for Beginners, helped me to decide which switches work the best for me


Akko x MonsGeek 16-Key Switch Tester


Akko x MonsGeek 16-Key Switch Tester