Black & Gold PC98B Plus
Black & Gold PC98B Plus
Black & Gold PC98B Plus
Black & Gold PC98B Plus
Black & Gold PC98B Plus
Black & Gold PC98B Plus
Black & Gold PC98B Plus
Black & Gold PC98B Plus
Black & Gold PC98B Plus


Black & Gold PC98B Plus

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Switch:Akko CS Crystal Wine Red
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    Akko Black&Gold PC98B Plus (Multi Modes): RGB LED Backlit + Hot-swappable + Bluetooth 5.0 + 2.4G Wireless + Wired (USB-C Mode) All in One!

    Akko PC98B Plus is a compact versatile mechanical keyboard designed with a 98-key arrangement. The keyboard offers an extremely smooth typing experience for the users with its specially designed Top mounted structure. It provides a rich, premium in-hand experience with its dual-tone highly durable PBT keycaps. 

    ASA Height Dual-Toned PBT Keycaps:

    In order to provide a super comfy typing experience, Akko has featured high-quality ASA height dual-toned PBT keycaps on the PC98B Plus. PBT material makes the keycaps highly durable with improved oil and wear resistance.

    Comparing Akko Double Shot PBT keycaps VS other's ABS  Materials:


    This keyboard includes 5-pin hot swappable sockets, letting users swap to the desired switches. Hot-swappable keyboards let us change compatible switches in the case of a key malfunction or if a different sound profile is desired.

    The real-time battery level is updated to 3000 mah: 

    Akko New Custom Series (CS) switches are custom switches made to obtain more satisfying typing feelings based on user feedback with distinct characteristics.

    Compared with the classic CS switches, the new CS switches are equipped with a dustproof stem for enhanced stability and offer distinct and unique typing experiences.

    [Triple Connection Modes:

    Akko PC98B Plus is a highly-versatile mechanical keyboard it can be connected to most devices with its triple connection modes. The keyboard supports easy connection with Wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless B Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity, and wired USB Type-C connection. The Type-C cable is detachable and people can use it when required.


    All keys except functionality keys can be rebound or made into a macro with the Akko Cloud Driver.

    The keyboard has built-in RGB LEDs customizable with their Akko Cloud Driver giving over 20 lighting effects, including pulsing lights to your music.

    Smooth Typing Experience With Top-Mounted Structure:

    In order to deliver a superb typing experience, AKKO has mounted the keyboard’s PCB plate onto the top cover of the keyboard. This makes the keyboard plate highly durable and it protects the keyboard from wobbling or vibrations while pressing the keys.

    BLACK & GOLD THEME- Black and gold brings elegance and luxury to the table. Its elegant theme transforms your workspace or gaming setup to a modest and restful space.
    ANTI-GHOSTING-The keyboard supports simultaneous keypresses without conflict by implementing the N-key rollover feature. This is quite important for gamers when many actions and keypresses are taking place.


    >TOP-mount structure.

    >Compact Layout with a 98-key arrangement.

    >Full-key hot-swappable design.

    >Versatile Connectivity with Triple Connection Modes.

    >High-quality dual-toned PBT keycaps.

    >Full-Backlit RGB design.

    >18 Pre-Built Backlight effects.

    >Full-key conflict-free operation.

    >Smooth operation with PC Plate, Sound-absorbing cotton layer, and Silicone case foam.

    >Premium Akko mechanical switches.

    >Akko Cloud driver.

    >Two-level feet.

    >29 novelty keys to decorate your keyboard;






    Mechanical Keyboard


    PC 98B Plus



    Product Details


    Akko CS Crystal/Akko CS Wine Red


    Wireless/Bluetooth/USB Type C


    Akko Macro V1.0

    N-Key Rollover


    Disable Winlock



    RGB Backlit




    PBT Material

    Printing Technology

    Double Shot

    Battery Information

    Dimensions and Weight


    3000 mAh Battery

    Product weight

    Approximately 1.2 KG

    Package weight

    Approximately 1.8 KG

    Package size (L x W x H)


    Package Contents

    Package Contents

    1 x Keyboard,1 x Keycap Puller, Extra Novelty Keys, 1 x Type-C Cable,1 x Plastic Dust Cover, 1 x User Manual

    Returns Policy

    Returns Policy


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    Please click: /pages/warranty

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