MOD 007 PC
MOD 007 PC
MOD 007 PC
MOD 007 PC
MOD 007 PC
MOD 007 PC
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MOD 007 PC

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Switch:Akko CS Piano
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  • Brand New Latest from AKKO, Budget version of the popular MOD007

  • Great Thock, Smooth Typing experience and Great FLEX (Flex cut on PCB)!

  • South Facing Key switch same as V2

  • Comes bundled with Blue on White PBT Double-Shot keycaps and smooth Piano Switch (No lubing required)

Akko Piano Switch

Linear switch,22mm spring

Trigger pressure :48±5gf

Paragraph pressure: None

Bottom pressure :53±5gf

Total trip: 3.5 + / - 0.3 mm

Conduction stroke :1.9±0.3mm

Paragraph starting point: None

Model: MOD007 PC

Keyboard structure: Gasket mounted

Key Cap type: Double shot blue on white

Positioning board: Polycarbonate

PCB: Flex cut with South Facing position (No interference)

Size (without package) : 333*147*32mm

Color classification: MOD007 PC White Blue/MOD007 PC Black Orange

Number of devices connected at the same time: 1

Connection mode: USB Type C Wired

Wireless: No

Whether there are multimedia function keys: Yes

Gross weight: 1kg

Shaft body: CS piano switch

Keyboard case: Thick CNC Polycarbonate

Backlight: no backlight

Weight (excluding package) : about 1.2kg

Key configuration: 82 keys

S underlay: IXPE

Bottom: cotton PORON

Driver: AKKO Cloud

Hot-swap: supported

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